Water Saving Tips [ indoors | outdoors | For businesses | details on water restrictions]


INDOORS Water Saving TipsTip # 1. Take shorter showers AND get a low flow showerhead.

  • If you shower for six minutes, a water efficient showerhead can save up to 50 litres of water for each shower, or up to 20,000 litres of water per person per year.
    They are inexpensive to buy but get one that uses less than 2.5 gallons per minute. You won’t notice the difference in your showing enjoyment, but you will if you have low water pressure - you’ll in fact get a better shower with a low flow showerhead. Some models have a great idea! They allow you to control the flow while you suds up, then increase the water again for rinsing. Ask us how!

Tip #2. A slow dripping tap can waste 20,000 litres in a year. Take action and fix it now!

  • Changing the washers usually fixes dripping taps. If this does not solve the problem, contact us NOW!
    While it appears to be just a small amount, a slowly dripping tap can waste a couple of litres each hour, which adds up to almost 20,000 litres a year. That's the entire amount of water available each year to many people around the world.

Tip #3: Leaking pipes

  • Leaking pipes combined with dripping taps cause the loss of an incredible amount of water.
    A water meter provides an easy way of determining if you have leaking pipes. Turn off all taps and read the water meter. After about three hours, read the meter again. If no water has been used the reading should be the same. If the meter has moved, then you have a leak which you need to find and fix.


INDOORS Water Saving TipsTip #1: Rainwater Collection

  • If the 5 million homes connected to mains water around Australia each had a 1,000 litre water tank, 5GL (5 Billion Litres) of water would not have to be taken from the environment every year'.
    Using rainwater can save large amounts of water. The easiest way is to use it is in the garden, which can account for 25 to 50% of domestic water use. So to get maximum benefit from your rainwater tank, connect it to the house and use it for toilet flushing (about 20% of domestic water use), as well as in the laundry, kitchen and bathroom. It can also be used in pools, and for washing cars.

    Call us and ask us how!

Tip #2: Pools & Spas

  • There are about 500,000 pools in Australia or one for every 12 homes. Most use sand filters which can use over 10,000 litres a year to clean through backwashing.
    Install covers on pools and spas to reduce evaporation and keep water cleaner (thus reducing the need to add chemicals). Sand filters require backwashing to clean them. Consider installing a cartridge filter which requires only a quick hose down to clean. Cartridges are finer filters leaving your pool clearer. Be alert to covering your pool on windy days especially - as evaporation levels increase with wind strength.

Tip #3: Mulch your garden

  • Mulch is a layer of material spread on top of the soil to conserve moisture, discourage the growth of weeds and even out soil temperature - it can keep up to 70% more water in the soil.
    Beware of using green lawn clippings - they can pack down quite hard and become a barrier stopping water getting to the plants. Better to put them into the compost pile and let them break down.

For businesses...

For businesses...Seeking to find out more about the Business Water Efficiency Program (BWEP) which aims to assist in reducing water consumption, improve financial performance and build positive community profiles for businesses practicing water efficiency, you can go to Business Water Efficiency Program.

For details on water restrictions for householders and businesses...

For details on water restrictions for householders and businesses... Wanting to know about water restrictions, water consumption, water saving tips, water rebates, purified recycled water and related information; you can find it at Queensland Water Commission.

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